Brock Lesnar Training Plan For Endurance and Strength

Brock Lesnar is widely known by his work name of the Beast. Mr. Lesnar has won a great many championships in a several sports, including, martial arts, wrestling and football.

Sadly, his football career was to be short-lived, when he was hit by a mini-van while out on his bike. The injuries that Mr. Lesnar received would be severe enough to keep him out.


After his injuries Mr. Lesnar returned to wrestling and martial arts, where he continues to win Championships. When asked about how he could continue despite such a harsh accident, he told of how he had grown up on a farm. It is his opinion that such a background gives young people a strong work ethic.

He also believes that hard work has two main components: one is physical strength and the other endurance. Mr. Lesnar used different pieces of farm equipment to work on both of these key components of a good work ethic.

Diet Requirements

  1. A part of every good training plan will be dietary considerations. Mr. Lesnar’s plan is no different, and he offers his own diet as an example of what a training diet should be like.
  2. First Mr. Lesnar makes use of a Paleo diet and strongly believes it has helped him a great deal.
    Lots of greens, when he was diagnosed with a digestive disorder called diverticulitis. This disorder responds well to diets with a lot of green vegetables.
  3. One gallon of water with electrolytes added every day.
  4. He makes use of high quality creatine supplements and whey proteins.
  5. Muscle mass requires more calories than fat, so persons who are working to build up their strength, need to adjust their caloric intake as needed.

Brock Lesnar Training Plan

Mr. Lesnar works on a two day on and one day off split. You can check more info about his workout here –

Engages in push exercises for shoulders, triceps, and the chest, as well as pull exercise for the biceps and back.

He often wrestles on his off-days and uses a treadmill for running in cold weather. Since he lives in Minnesota those days can add up quickly.

Likes to mix things up with elliptical jump roping.

The above advice is just a basic look at how Mr. Lesnar stays in shape. The reader may want to do a bit of further research for the exact components of both his diet and physical training plan.

Christiano Ronaldo Crazy Training Plan

3 Steps To Succeeding Like Christiano Ronaldo

Before we get into the details of what he does everyday in detail, let’s begin where all motivation starts – the mind.

It’s All In The Mind

The first way to be able to train like Christiano Ronaldo (his youtube channel) is to share his mindset… at least where a healthy lifestyle comes into play. How do you get enough self motivation to accomplish eating his diets and commencing his workout plans?

The first thing that would help, is to make a list of your goals are by undergoing this training process. Next, list out what changes you would like to see you in your body and daily life.

It is also wise to leave little notes of motivation around you. My first suggestion would be to pin little reminders on the fridge. Also, putting the diet plan on your fridge and using it as your grocery list, will help you to maintain this plan.

If allergic to anything on this list, please consult your dietitian or doctor and ask for a recommended substitute or use your best judgement.

The main goal is to constantly remind yourself of what you want to accomplish and why. This will help you be motivated.

Diet Riot

I bet you are wondering what his dieting consistes off. Well, he includes a lot of lean meat as a source of protien (after all, you don’t want to consume fattening meat).

This helps to begin muscle repair or growth. He also adds recovery type supplements such as multi-vitamins and protien shakes. Don’t forget to avoid lots of suggary foods and eat a lot of veggies!

Breakfast consists of cheese toast and fish fry, calcium-filled milk, and finishes it up with a protien shake. He may follow up with a glass of fruit juice. For lunch, it would be cheese, brown rice, wheat toast, green veggies, and he would genereally add olive oil to form a part of his lunch every day.

Before dinner, he would drink coffe, water, lemon juice, or fruit juice. Dinner would usually consist of white rice, a protein food base (like chicken, eggs, turkey, ect), fish, veggies, milk and dry fruits.

Exercise Highs…

Now that you got all that energy stored up in you, it’s time to apply it properly to your body with some intense workouts according to the article at Tuesdays and Saturdays are days of rest. Here is a list Mon.-Fri.of the exact same plan you can use to accomplish your new body figure:


  • Barbell Squats/1 set/8 reps.
  • Box Jumps (20″)/1 set/10 reps.
  • Broad Jump/1 set/8 reps.
  • Jumping Lunge/1 set/8 reps (per leg).
  • Lateral Bound/1 set/10 reps (per leg).


  • Burpee Pull-ups/1 set/10-15 reps.
  • Bench Dips/1 set/20 reps.
  • Push-ups/1 set/20-30 reps.
  • Medicine Ball Toss/1 set/15 reps.
  • Push Press/1 set/10 reps.
  • Run through circuit 3 times.


  • Power Cleans/5 sets/5 reps.
  • Sprints/8 sets/200 meters.


  • One-arm-side dead-lift/3 sets/5 reps
  • Dumbbell one-legged dead-lift/2 sets/10 reps
  • Knee Tuck Jump/3 sets/10-12 reps
  • Overhead Slam/3 sets/10-12 reps
  • One Leg Barbell Squat/2 sets/5 reps (per leg)
  • Hanging Leg Raise/3 sets/10-15 reps


  • Rope Jumping/10 sets/1 min. , 1 min. rest reps.
  • Resistance Sprinting/10 sets/10 sets of 50 meters.

Time to Start Your Training!

Now that you know how it’s done, it is time to start! Stick to the mantra: Just Do It. You will succeed.

Celebrity Look with Ryan Gosling Workout and Diet

These celebrities with great bodies are never scared to take off their shirts. That is what Ryan Gosling does most in his famous movie Crazy Stupid Love. What people do not know is that Gosling was quite skinny.

If you check out his movies before the Crazy Stupid Love movie, he is quite smaller than most people would expect. All those people out there with a skinny body and are losing hope of ever getting muscular, Ryan Gosling workout and diet plan will prove you wrong.

Ryan and his muscles from just a skinny guy

If you are skinny, do not just go for adding more muscles around your chest and forget about the other parts. Ryan Gosling worked hard to pack the right amount of muscles in the right places.


This gave him one of the most desired physique that is all balanced from the chest to the legs. He looks proportionate and well built. Such are things that would make people want to use his workout routine to gain a better body.

How to do it like Ryan Gosling

Here are some basic workout tips from Ryan Gosling that should help you gain muscle easily and still tone your body.

  1. You have to emphasize more on the upper chest. This means you have to consider working out more doing barbell bench press, barbell floor press, dips and many others to build a stronger chest.
  2. To get a most desired V taper, consider sticking to pull ups and rows
  3. Your legs too need intense training levels to lose fat and make them lean. Choose to work with sprints, hill sprints and squats too for a better workout session.
  4. To build the shoulders you need more volume and variety. You could alternate between seated dumbbell presses, front raisers, rear delts and lateral raises.

Working on your fat percentage

Fat percentage is what defines what stage you are at when it comes to working out. As for the Ryan Gosling workout and diet plan, it got him to be in the cut category. These are people who have around 10% of body fat. This percentage has made two of lower abs to be still covered. For those people looking to get all the abs out, consider aiming for body fat content to be less than 8%. Such people are in the defined category.

Do not kill yourself trying so hard to get all the abs out. You can still have just a few out like Ryan and still have a perfect body. The ripped category is for people who have around 5% body fat with everything ripped to achieve such a body. It takes a lot of work and dedication to get to the ripped category.

What about steroids and supplements


Not many celebrities with near perfect body will admit using supplements and steroids. It is all about the discipline that you have when it comes to working out. You have to be hardworking to see the results. Do not over depend on the supplements to do most of the work for you.

Get to Look Like a Superhero with Chris Hemsworth Workout Routine

We all know him from the Movie Thor and its Sequels. Chris Hemsworth has a great body that he is not always shy to show it off. Despite what most people think, such a body does not just get handed to you. There is a lot of work that goes into working out and get such an amazing body. Chris Hemsworth is no exception; he put in a lot of work to achieve what many people desire today.

Chris Hemsworth Physique

Hemsworth has not worked on his abs to have them super noticeable, but he compensates this in other places. The Chris Hemsworth workout helped him to get more muscular than before. You would say he has around 10 to 12% of body fat. Some other actors might have an even lower body fat percentage, but this is still acceptable.

Unlike those people who tend to miss out on proportionality, Hemsworth has an excellent proportion from the shoulder to the waist. You would say that it looks like the perfect male body.
His intense training has made the arms the most noticeable part of his body. They are also well proportional just like any person would want them.

Can I get to be like Chris Hemsworth?

Sometimes people tend to take on Chris Hemsworth workout plan thinking that they can look like him in a few workout sessions. Remember that each person has a different physique. You can only get close to what he is or even better.

Some people still fail to look like Chris Hemsworth because of the following:

  • Quitting the training sessions because they are too intense. You cannot expect to rip like Hemsworth when you can barely survive a week of intense training.
  • You fail to keep up with a good diet. Some people are skinny and to make it worse, they cannot adapt to a new diet to help them build more muscles.
  • Being overweight and you eat more thinking that it will help to gain more muscle. Eating more, but not the right food will just make you become overweight even more.

Tips for changing your diet to suit your training

Training hard in the gym and the diet you take goes hand in hand to produce the best results. Changing your diet does not mean you have to starve yourself or forget about eating food you like. You just have to be smart on how much quantity you are taking.

The best way to change to a better diet is by choosing to split your food intake in the ration 80:20. This means that 80% of the food you eat should be dense food and the remaining 20% is what else you want. Such a balance helps you to stay healthy and still have some of the food that you always love.

Bottom line

The Chris Hemsworth workout is here to help you get a better body only if you are willing to make time for it. You might want to get a mentor who will push you to the limit if you want the workout method to work for you.

Herschel Walker Workout

man2Even in his retirement Herschel Walker is in great shape. In order to be one of the best players in the NFL Walker had to have a strict exercise program. Not only did he need muscle mass to be strong, he needed a workout that would improve his energy and endurance levels. In addition to playing in the NFL he has also made a name for himself in the world of MMA and was able to keep up with some of the best fighters in that business. In order to stay in such great shape Walker follows a strict exercise plan.


Looking at Walker and the size of his muscles many people would think that he lifts a lot of weight and spends most of his time weight lighting. He does not use free weights, barbells, or weight machines as part of his training. He does not perform any traditional body building activities.

Workout Plan

In order to stay in great shape as well as increase energy levels Walker does a very specific workout routine. He does a number of calisthenics and conditioning moves a day. He also performed anywhere between 750 to 1,000 pushups on a daily basis.

This may seem like an outrageous number for the average person. When the average person is just starting to follow this exercise plan they should start off small and increase their number of pushups daily. As their endurance builds up as well as their strength it will be easier to reach the Herschel Walker pushup number.

In addition to doing this many pushups on a daily basis Walker also does over 2,000 sit ups on a daily basis. Again when a person is first starting to follow this workout plan they should star off slowly and increase the number of sit ups on a daily basis. They will definitely be feeling the burn.


In addition to doing this workout routine on a daily basis Walker mixes things up with martial arts training. He will perform each training two days per week. The training he participates in is training to perform wrestling move. He also does kickboxing to increase endurance.

This is also one of the best workouts for fat and calories burning. Walker also trains in jujitsu. This will also burn off a large number of calories as well as increase endurance and energy levels. This workout will increase flexibility as well.

Simple Meals

In order to have the energy to perform these workouts and keep his body fat level low Walker eats health. He is a vegetarian and eats a lot of salad and vegetables based soup. He also eats bread to get the carbs needed to perform his workout routine.

Following the Herschel Walker exercise plan is not going to be easy. A person will have to push themselves to their limits. The results will be worth it in the end. Walker is in excellent shape. By following this workout plan a person can get in great shape as well.

Kai Greene’s Beef-Based Diet

Kai Greene is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder who is a two-time New York Pro and Arnold Classic winner and was first runner-up at the Mr. Olympia from 2012-2014. He has become well known for his posing routine that is both entertaining and innovative. He became a professional bodybuilder at the age of 19 which made him one of the youngest to compete at that level.

At an early age, he recognized the importance of having a healthy diet that is rich in protein in order to develop massive muscular growth that is needed to be at the top of the professional bodybuilding standings.

High Quality Protein

Bodybuilders eat a low carb high protein diet largely consisting of chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables, and a small amount of whole grains and fruit. Kai Greene’s diet is typical of most bodybuilders, but he noticed that he was not getting as big as he thought he should be getting.

Early in his career he started consuming a large amount of beef, and he started to notice a difference in his physique. When he began to notice he was having trouble digesting large amounts beef, he started working with a company that created a beef protein powder that had a lot more essential nutrients that a bodybuilder looks for such as amino acids, creatine, iron, and zinc.

Beef still forms the basis of Kai’s diet but he now supplements beef protein powder into his diet to keep him from feeling sluggish and bloated.

Kai’s Diet

Kai eats five times a day and avoids sugar and junk food in order to look and feel good. He knows that in order to get big he has to eat big. A sample high protein, low carb, and low fat meal for Kai would be:

  • 6 oz. grilled flank steak,
  • 1 large tomato,
  • ½ cucumber,
  • 1 tsp. olive oil.

Kai’s new approach to his diet with a focus on beef consumption has help him enjoy a successful career as a bodybuilder.

Randy Orton Workout

Randy Orton is one of those rare individuals who has become a third-generation superstar in the world of professional wrestling. One thing that separates him from his father and grandfather is his abdominal development. Fans of sports entertainment likely wish they had the same abs as Mr. Orton.

Genetics do play a factor in how one’s abdominal muscles appear. Do not think, however, that only the genetically gifted are the ones who end up with such amazing muscle striation. With the right plan of action, even the average person can end up with greatly impressive abdominal muscles.

The Three-Way Path to Great Abs

No real secrets exists to what is required to getting the perfect look in the ab region. The three main areas required for abdominal developments include:

  1. A proper workout program.
  2. A good diet.
  3. The right supplementation.

From a general perspective, there is nothing mysterious about the road to “ripped abs”. In terms of specific approaches, well, there are surely a lot of little details that contribute to getting the most out of each of these points.

Working Out for Abs

The common misconception about abdominal development is the right way to get great abs is through performing tons upon tons of abdominal exercises. Honestly, ab workouts are extremely helpful. They increase core strength and do tighten the muscles. Simply doing ab muscle exercises alone is not going to do much in terms of defining the abs.

Lowering body fat levels is what makes the abdominal muscles show. Performing cardio exercises definitely lowers body fat levels. Interval training is often considered the best approach, but the slow and steady method of riding a bike or walking on a treadmill has value as well.

Lifting heavy weight helps as well. The body’s metabolism is going to speed up when it repairs muscles that have been worked out hard. So yes, lifting weights to build up the chest and legs is going to have an effect on the abdombinal muscles. Randy Orton is clearly someone who lifts weights in the gym. All that weightlifting time surely helps boost his ab development.

Diet Counts

Losing weight is only going to be possible with a calorie deficit. This means cleaning up a diet is a positive must for anyone who wants a six pack. Does Randy Orton look like he goes on ice cream binges on a regular basis? Cutting a decent amount of calories from a diet has to be the most important plan of action on the part of anyone wishing to remove that layer of fat covering up the abs.

This does not mean a starvation diet is necessary. In truth, massively cutting out calories could slow a metabolism down. Cleaning up a diet, eating healthy, and reasonably reducing calories would be the approach to follow.

The Right Supplements

To get the most nutritional support, taking supplements that help withburning calories andbuildingup the muscles is advised. Supplements are not magic pills, but they can help with overcoming nutrition deficiencies.

Ronnie Coleman Workout

Once in a while we come across somebody that has completely architected the most solid foundation, and that which is abundantly clear in their bodies that are a walking visual map of the body’s musculature. Ronnie Coleman is just this person. Every human being is born with all the muscle tissue they will need for their entire lives.

Ronnie Coleman has all the same muscles as all of the rest of us, yet he looks like he might be from another planet! Ronnie just spends infinitely more time developing his body than do most of the rest of us. He has a firm commitment to physicality, and represents excellent physical fitness.

Achieving this kind of body requires copious amounts of time in the gym, then once one arrives at this level, maintenance is a little less of a time commitment. He is still in the gym 6 days a week, and it is time well-spent, as not only do his results represent this, but he also knows that every second he spends working on developing that gift we all call a body, is indeed the best investment ever.

He has a somewhat traditional workout plan, as he does all of his pushing on one day, and his pulling on another, and legs are always doing separately. He is also very traditional in his set/rep rations, as most every 4 sets/12 reps, or the standard for any serious body builder.

Monday he does back which includes deadlifts, barbell rows, T-bar rows and one-arm dumbbell rows. In addition to back, he does biceps including barbell curls, seated alternated dumbbell curls, preachers and cable curls. He adds a bit of shoulders in on Monday also doing some military and dumbbell presses.

Tuesday is big leg day in Coleman country! He does squats, lunges, curls, presses and stiff-leg deadlifts. Wednesday is all pushing with doing chest and triceps. For chest he does bench presses, incline presses, flat bench dumbbell and flat bench flies. Triceps workouts include seated-cambered bar extensions, seated dumbbell extensions and close-grip bench presses, which really isolate the tricep.

On Thursday he does back and biceps. The back regimen includes barbell rows, low-pulley rows, lat pulldowns and front pulldowns. Biceps include cable curls, alternating dumbbell curls, and machine curls. He also does a little shoulder work on Thursday, doing machine raises and front lateral dumbbell raises as well as seated dumbbell presses.

Legs are a huge workout, and there is no way Mr. Coleman could get every leg exercise out of the way in one day. For this reason, Friday is legs again with extensions, squats, hack squats, standing leg curls and lying leg curls.

On Saturday he does what a lot of bodybuilders call “clean-up” and for Ronnie this means doing decline chest work with dumbbells and bars, some tricep work with doing skullcrushers, and doing a little calf workout with donkey raises, and seated raises.

This is a completely comprehensive workout, and if anyone follows this for a year, they are going to notice a major change in their physicality.

Joe Manganiello Workout

Hollywood actors have it really rough when it comes to having to maintain near-perfect bodies so as to land roles, staying gainfully employed and building a career.

It is, as they say, just the way it is. To this point, Joe Manganiello has had a very long career. He is also very handsome, and just like the rest of the Hollywood workers, he has always taken good care of himself.

He has a standard workout that follows the traditional workout regimen of only the most serious physical artisans. Chest and triceps should be worked on 1 day, shoulders on another, back and biceps together on another day, and legs are always worked by themselves, and often times if one is committed to being in the gym 5 days, 2 of those days will be committed to doing leg work.

He also works antagonistic muscles on some days, and more to come on this technique. This True Blood star definitely knows his way around a gym, that is for sure!

Mr. Manganiello starts the week off on Monday, following traditional set-to-rep ratios of 4-to-12, and he begins the week with chest and back, which is an antagonistic muscle-development plan. This type of workout plan is not for the person who is new to the gym; you need to take time to develop your muscles before you start regularly incorporating antagonistic muscle workouts into yourroutines, lest you are looking to injure yourself.

He does this in a circuit, called a superset, which means there is little to no rest between exercises. This circuit starts with incline barbell bench presses, followed by wide-grip pull-ups, cable flies, push-ups, dumbbell bench presses, narrow-grip low row, wide-grip bent-over barbell rows, and he also finishes with some low-to-mid intensity cardio.

On Tuesday he does legs and triceps. His leg workouts include plyometric jump squats, back squats, squats, lunges and high-box jumps. He does v-bar tricep extensions, and bench dips to work that area. Wednesday’s workout includes shoulder and some more tricep work.

He starts with military presses, lateral dumbbell raises, tricep press-downs, cable flys, medicine ball slams, diamond push-ups and dips. He also throws in some planks for good core measure on Wednesdays! Crunches are something he does every day, and his regimen is more geared toward 3-4 days in the gym, but of course when he is gearing up for a role, this likely increases.

Working antagonistic muscles is something that those who have been in the gym a while can effectively do. What this does is force 2 muscles to work against each other in one weight-lifting session. Once you get your body to the point where you are no longer looking to necessarily increase, but you also want to keep your body guessing, then you can work chest and back on the same day, and biceps and triceps together on another day.

Just be very careful to tread with caution when developing your body. Follow push-and-pull regimens and 4-set, 12-rep ratios until you achieve the level of physical you want, and then you can try some more advanced techniques.

Lebron James Workout Routine

The Workout

Lebron James told us at the beginning of this 2015-2016 season that he was doing three-a-days, five days a week. Even he admitted it was a little crazy. But it’s worked, as we can see by her performance so far this season.

His workouts vary, but it’s a combination of high-intensity workouts and stretching. James can be seen stretching all throughout the day during the footage on game day and sometimes even during the game. He sticks to the basics using push-ups and pull-ups as a mainstay in his daily routine.

Cardio is also a big part of keeping his endurance up. He’s a big believer in the outcome and effectiveness of the stationary bike when put in the uphill setting.

Lebron James Key Workout Methods:

•High Intensity.





•Weight Training.

•Stationary Bike Uphill.

These obviously aren’t all Lebron does when facilitating his workout, but they are major staples in his routine.

The Diet

There have been rumors that this year to get ready for the season, Lebron started a Paleo diet. However, his biggest method for success is eating seven small meals a day and drinking water. Lots of water. It’s a known fact that Lebron wakes up and drinks two large glasses of water before he starts his day.

He then continues to drink water throughout the day. His chef prepares him skinless chicken breasts as a staple for his diet. Protein supplements also help him maintain the energy he needs for the physically demanding aspect of his career.

The Results

To get the results his profession demands, James must make his workout and diet a priority. His dedication has paid off. His balance between push and pull workouts in turn keeps his body balanced.

He doesn’t just focus on one muscle group, but all of them. Giving each of them, the attention they require has allowed him to keep up and maintain the perfect body for the game of basketball.

Greg Plitt Diet Plan

Washboard abs and a six pack is not easy to get. People have to spend a lot of time exercises and watch what they eat in order to get into this kind of shape. To help jumpstart the weight loss and muscle building process a person can follow the Greg Plitts diet and his twelve laws of lean.

Find a Starting Point

A person should start out slowly if they are just beginning to start a diet and exercise plan. They should start by workout out around three days a week and setting a serious of short term goals for weight loss.


High intensity cardio exercises can help burn fat. A person should try to stay within 60 percent of their maximum heart rate in order to put the body into fat burning mode.

Watch the Carbs

This diet bans carbs before bedtime. While a person is sleeping their muscles need to time recover. While some carbs are allowed on this diet they should be consumed in small amounts.

Rest and Recover

The body as well as the muscle needs some time to recover especially from an intense workout. Be sure to get enough sleep. The body is able to repair itself when a person is resting as well as prepare with enough energy to get through the day.

Liquid Diet

Greg Plitts recommends that a person drink most of their meals and stick to a liquid diet. A person should eat one solid meal a day that is low in fat around the middle of the day. They should have a liquid breakfast as well as a liquid dinner. Liquid is easier for the body to digest and get the nutrients that it needs.

The body will also have more energy and a shorter recovery time. This is going to take some effort but there are a number of delicious shake and smoothie recipes.

Post Workout Nutrition

A person should have one of their liquid shakes no more than 45 minutes after they are done with their workout. At this time the body is ready to absorb the most nutrients and will be able to use them to build muscle mass.


There are a number of supplements on the market. If a person is going to use one they need to find the one that will work best for their bodies. A person also needs to pay attention to the food they are eating and the number of fat, calories, carbs, and nutrients that it contains.

Following these diet rules can help a person get into shape and get the body they have always wanted. This diet may be a little challenging to follow at first but is has been proven to be effective at helping a person lose body fat and become lean and toned.

The Ryan Reynolds Workout That Got Him His Six Pack

Ryan Reynolds is a household name because of playing the superhero for various movies such as The Green Lantern, Blade and X-Men Origins: Wolverine as Deadpool. It’s hard to believe that before Blade: Trinity, he used to eat and drink whatever he wants.

He now watches what he eatsand drinks. What you put into your body can give you an even better result than just relying on exercise alone. Now that he’s a fitness buff for over 8 years, it’s amazing to see how far he had come from where he started.

As a husband and dad, he got a lot to thank for his life of how things turned out. If you want to have the kind of body that Ryan have, try out the Ryan Reynolds workout.

Trainer Bobby Strom Stepped In and Transformed Ryan’s Body

Ever since Blade: Trinity, Ryan worked out with Bobby Strom on bulking up for the movie role. Each of the movie role require him to have a certain body that Bobby planned for Ryan to do for certain one.

For example, he liked Ryan’s year long workout for The Green Lantern. It’s important to be consistent with working out in order to transform for the long haul from flabby to a chiseled body.

He helped change Ryan’s workout routine to keep his body guessing which avoid the body from plateauing. Plateauis when your body doesn’t have to guess anymore due to doing the same routine over and over and the result doesn’t change.

When you do various exercises on a consistent basis, you’re helping your body to change the dynamic ofbody mass from fat to fit.

Ryan’s Workout Routine

There wasn’t a whole schedule of his workout routine but with a small sample, it require3 or 4sets and depending on which exercise, the reps range between 10 to 12 or for a certain amount of time spent on each exercise.

Small Sample:

  1. 20 minutes of Ab exercise before doing body day.
  2. Walking lunge of 52 reps with 3 or 4 sets. It’s a heavy lower body day.
  3. Flat bench and incline bench each consist of 15 to 20 reps for 3 or 4 sets. It’s a heavy upper body day.

During the Matrix Day, there’s core and stability work for the muscles to recuperate. There’s a lot of plyometrics, BOSU, bands, kickboxing and TRX suspension training. His mind won’t get stale and his body won’t get used to the same routine.

The Spartacus Workout

In history Spartacus was a Thracian gladiator who led a famous revolt against the Roman Empire. The real Spartacus has been dead for thousands of years but his legacy lives on through books, films and television shows named in his honor.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand is a Starz original television program that was first released in 2010. When the male actors on the program had to prepare for their roles as gladiators they used a specific workout routine to get in shape. Here is a description of the Spartacus workout regime.

Ancient Gladiator Workouts

Gladiators were ancient fighters who fought for the entertainment of the Roman public. Most gladiator fighters were slaves and when they were trained for the arena they were taught how properly use weapons and to fight.


Trainers realized that they could not make their gladiators into real fighting machines unless they developed attributes such as strength, speed and stamina. So, they had to come up with training programs that focused on these three critical elements to becoming a good arena fighter.


Ancient gladiators used stones and other materials to increase their size. Modern man uses weights for this purpose. To build strength and size a person should use heavy weights and low reps. Classic weight lifting exercises such as the bench press, squat and deadlifting should be used for adding strength and bulking up. Gladiators that want to just add strength and not size should focus on lifting heavy weights in an explosive manner.

Hand held free weights are another training method that people can use to increase strength. Using hand held free weights at different angles will build up strength without increasing size during the process. Other types of exercises such as plyometrics can be used to increase explosiveness within a person’s body. This in turn will increase strength as well.


Speed is another important element for being in great shape. Speed can be developed through resistance training and lifting weights. Resistance training such as pulling a weighted sled or driving through a wall helps to build quickness. So do exercises such as eccentric and isometric routines. Good arm strength mechanics and form will also help to improve speed as well.


Stamina is necessary for many sports. Athletes can build up stamina by focusing on cardiovascular exercises that promote repetition, longevity and duration. Exercises such as biking or running up hill are great for building up stamina and so is performing repetitive movements over a certain amount of time.

Many Spartacus cast members used these types of routines for the fighting sequences that had to be performed for the show. These routines were necessary for ensuring authenticity for the program. The average person can definitely train like an ancient gladiator by using modern exercise equipment and techniques. These workouts will help anyone to develop their body like a Spartacus warrior.

Terry Crews Diet


Actor Terry Crews is currently a Hollywood performer but in the past he was a NFL linebacker who played for teams such as Los Angeles, Washington and Philadelphia.

Since retiring from the NFL in 1997, Crews transitioned into an acting career. People who are familiar with crews knows that he is a huge man with massive arms and chest. Crews stands 6-2’ tall and weighs about 235 pounds.

One of the reasons why Crews is in such great shape has to do with his diet. Terry Crews diet helps him to maintain his massive and well defined figure.

Protein is Key for Crews

Protein is the essential ingredient within Crews diet that helps him to maintain his big size. Crews eats a lot of lean meats and vegetables. He also consumes foods such as protein shakes and yogurts.

Crews eats lots of skinless white meat chicken breast, turkey and fish. He consumes dairy products besides yogurt but does so in a limited quantity.

The main thing to remember is that Crews relies heavily on protein to keep his weight up and his body toned.

Other Kinds of Foods for Crews

Crews consumes other types of food sources such as grains, nuts and fruits but they do not play a large role in his diet. These foods are typically eaten by Crews as a supplement.

Grains, nuts and fruits are great for helping a person’s body to be supplied with key nutrients and ingredients but they will not help a person to bulk up. This is probably one reason as to why Crews does not focus so much on these types of food sources.

They are not as effective as protein for building up and maintaining large muscle groups. Terry Crews does not count calories but he controls his portion size and he often struggles with sugary treats. However, he does not completely eliminate them from his diet.